Red Rocket Studio
We understand that in the commercial world there is very little time for 
experimenting with new techniques or trying a different way of doing things. 
We always strive to teach the most efficient ways of working without sacrificing any creativity.

All our trainers are Adobe Certified Experts and Instructors

Adobe has developed very tough exams for all their products. Passing the exam 
earns the trainer the right to call themselves an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).
Adobe also certify trainers with teaching qualifications / proven training experience 
over many years as Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI)

You can expect the highest level of product knowledge and training from an  Adobe Certified Instructor.

Who are we:

Red Rocket Studio is a family business run by husband and wife team, Tim and Alyson Wilson

Tim Wilson of Red Memory Box

Tim is an Adobe Certified Instructor training Guru

Alyson Wilson Headshot

Ally does our bookings and keeps everything running smoothly