Photography Course

Learn basic photographic techniques, including both creative and theoretical practices, using a combination of practical work and theory.  Please bring your own camera along. Important info for delegates: cameras used for training must be DSLR or interchangeable lens-system cameras which allow for manual settings.

The photography courses are bespoke and will cover your exact needs. The course outline below is a guide as to those things you might wish to cover. This course usually runs over 2 days.

The above video was a bespoke course we ran at Benslow Music.

Course subjects

Features of the Digital Camera

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Metering – the most important function of your camera
  • Focus – auto, multi-spot and manual
  • Programmes – the main programmes explained from the ground up
  • Looking at how camera lenses can give more creative control to your digital photography


  • Aperture, ISO and shutter speeds and how they relate to different subjects
  • How to get the desired exposure using a combination of shutter speeds and f/stops
  • Over and under exposure compensation

Available light

  • Making the most of the existing light
  • White balance
  • Light balance
  • Reflectors
  • Back lighting
  • Different lighting for different subjects
  • Lighting interiors
  • Lighting objects


  • Composing various scenes for pleasing pictures
  • Composing images for text overlay
  • Various techniques to improve difficult scenes
  • Making boring subjects interesting
  • Backgrounds
  • Framing and cropping

Digital Camera Files

  • What file size to use
  • Jpeg or RAW

Editing in the Adobe Raw file converter software

  • Correcting exposure
  • Correcting colour
  • Retouching details
  • B/W conversions
  • Saving for print or web