A 30 Second guide no 6 on how to find type symbols and characters in Adobe software

In this video, Tim explains how to find all the characters and symbols you need in type, by using the glyphs panel.




A 30 Second guide no 5 to text point sizes. What are they really?

Tim explains what point sizes really are, in this easy to understand 30 second video. He also tells you how to use millimetres or inches in the font size window in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign and get the software to convert it to points automatically.



A 30 Second guide no 4 to converting colour images into Black & White in Photoshop

Convert Colour images to Black And White in Adobe Photoshop and get beautifully toned images. Tim from Red Rocket Studio shows you how to use the Black & White function in Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) but it will also work in CS6.